Full Leather Case - Whiskey - iPhone 14 Plus

This premium Full Grain Leather iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe case features a fully wrapped Whiskey Brown design with metal accents, a microfiber lining, and the Keyway X-Mark. The oil-tan leather will develop a beautiful patina over time as you carry it along on all your travels. Just like a Keyway case, you were Built to Roam.

Learn about the Keyway X-Mark.

Case Features:

  • Full Grain Leather Wrap-Around protection
  • Raised Metal Camera Ring
  • Independent Metal Buttons
  • Metal X-Mark
  • Integrated MagSafe Magnets
  • Wireless Charging Compatible
  • Microfiber Liner
  • Internal Button Protectors
  • Reusable Tin Box Packaging
  • New Keyway X-Mark Sticker Set

Break-in Period:

As these cases are made with real full-grain leather, they can often go through a short break-in period over the first few days of use. The inside of the case will conform to the sharp edges of the phone and the microfibre button pads will mold to your phone's buttons, improving the 'clickiness'.

Designed in Canada by Keyway.

This case is made with natural materials which means every piece is unique. Grain, Colour, and Texture may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Outstanding case!!

I love phone cases and typically have several for each of my iPhones, but this is the first time I have really ventured into trying leather. I tried one on my last phone from a competing brand and didn’t care for it.

I was particularly drawn to this case because of the contrast of the black/whiskey leather and the metal buttons. I received the case in the phone today and I am not at all disappointed!! The leather is beautiful, the quality and attention to detail excellent, the leather smell delightful, and the black metal buttons satisfying to click and aesthetically pleasing. I’m excited to see what kind of patina this leather will develop as I’ve never had a phone case like this before. Also, the metal case it comes in is a really nice touch.

I realize this case is more of a looker than a protector and I have another slim OtterBox case that I plan to use at work. Regardless, I look forward to using this case when I’m going out to something nice or just want to rotate a nice, warm, great looking leather case into the mix. I’m certainly no connoisseur of leather products but to me this is a beautiful, well-crafted case and I highly recommend it! I have had cases more expensive than this that were most certainly not as nice!!


Three months after purchase, I’m really happy with this case. It’s built really well and you can tell it’s high quality materials, like the metal buttons. The leather is darkening beautifully. I got a lot of compliments on it. The only minor issue is that the X logo on the back sticks out a bit, and this makes some MagSafe mounts a bit less secure. Just something to be aware of.


Love it - real protection.

wiliam gagnon
Amazing quality

Purchased this case 2 months ago, a real charm, fits really well and snug. Leather has a really nice feeling in hand, the buttons are clicky and work really well. Will buy again for my next phone 1000%


The BEST leather case I’ve ever used. The patina on this leather is absolutely GORGEOUS! Only took a couple of months to darken nicely. Will buy again in the future!