Keyway X-Mark Logo

The Keyway X-Mark

Built to Roam

The Keyway X-Mark is symbolic of the destination on your map for the next trip. It's the plan to get away, explore, and reconnect with your wild side. It's the place you want to be. We hope that you let this mark be your reminder to always say ‘Yes’ to adventure. You were Built to Roam.

Carrying the Keyway X-Flag
The Explore case with Keyway X-Mark
Woman Walking with the Keyway X-Flag

The new X-Mark will be replacing the original "K" logo on all of our products over time.

As the years have passed and the Keyway brand has evolved we thought it was fitting that the logo and imagery we use evolve alongside it. Our goal with Keyway is to provide a thoughtfully curated collection of quality goods that serve as a reminder to keep adventure close. What better way than adopt the universal symbol for 'destination' as our new logo? We hope that you'll join us in using our X-Mark in your daily life as a celebration of wanderlust.

Carrying the Keyway X-Flag
The Alium case with Keyway X-Mark
The Keyway X-Flag headed out on a Journey