About Us

Keyway is a small-batch manufacturer, designer, and retailer of premium leather, wood, and metal goods. We are based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we source goods and materials from around the world for our "Outfitters" collection.


Why "Keyway"?

The name Keyway is symbolic of opening a locked door and starting something new. Originally, this was based around the founders move into the business world and has evolved into the adventurous spirit that Keyway holds today.


Our Mission.

Our mission is simple; We strive to be the best boutique iPhone case manufacturer. We have no intention of mass-manufacturing cheap cases; We are selling quality and aesthetics, we are selling customer service, and we are selling the Keyway experience. When it comes to "Form vs Function", you CAN have both, and we are here to provide it to you.


Our Roots.

Keyway Designs was born out of passion for elegant design, skilled crafting, and artistic simplicity. We built a partnership and put our complementary skills in art, design, manufacturing, and engineering to work. Our interests were quickly drawn to the stunning design of the iPhone product line. While clean, elegant and simple, we view the smooth, flat back design of the iPhone as the perfect canvas. Indeed, we could paste vinyl stickers on it, or wrap silicon shells around the phone but why not try something a little different? We decided on a material that allows the customer to express them-self in a unique way, while keeping their phone safe.

We began brainstorming and explored some of the possible materials that could be used to uphold the iPhone’s original elegance while improving on customization and durability. Due to the wide variety of available wood species, it seemed to be an obvious starting point. Wood also has the inherent ability to provide individuality due to the unique grain of each sample.

Keyway Designs was formed in early 2012 in Toronto, Ontario. We are proud to say that our manufacturing is done in-house. This allows us to maintain the high level of quality and accuracy that we demand. Our production goals for Keyway don't stop at iPhone accessories; we have big plans for our future, so be sure to keep an eye on us!