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This case is absolutely fantastic! Packaged perfectly and professionally, the quality is by far superior to other leather cases on the market. I’ve had this case for a few hours and I am just shocked at how good it is and the comfort, lightweight, buttons, design, and everything is on point like a case by someone who cares about their product should be. Super satisfied. Will be ordering another in a few colors. I’m stoked I found Keyway! Amazing Cases!

My tempered glass protector has cracked in three areas top side and a crack straight down the from top to bottom. Is there a way that this protector can be installed with more protection around the edges overall I do like the unit and the case, but it is can’t be resolved if resents a big problem.

I got this case today, very fast delivery and I have to say it looks and feels amazing!

I love this case I love the quality of the leather and that very good quality, leather smell as well as this bad a$$ Olive army green color! The buttons are high-quality and work quite well. I also appreciate the durable camera ring on the back. My only slight criticism is I feel the case could be a bit more rounded instead of square And tighten it up a bit and it would be perfect. I would definitely recommend this case. Thank you

Not green at all. So disappointing. Not at all as pictured

As good or better than the leather cases you used to be able to get from Apple. It fits tightly and does a great of protecting the phone.

Love it. Highly recommended!

My husband loved it and it’s amazing quality

Love the artwork and durability. Had the same case on my s 23 ultra.

Lovely phone case made from wood & gold encrusted imagery.

The camera surround is somewhat thick and doesn’t allow reliable wireless charging in my Tesla, or my wireless charging pad at home. Both chargers seem to cut in and out. Other than that, no complaints, it’s a very nice case.

No item in the package and a note from the post office saying “sorry for the inconvenience and/or broken package”

Love it! Great quality!

The leather of the keyway case is very premium and it’s got that quality leather smell! I wish it wasn’t so boxy and wish the corners were a little bit more rounded. It’s got a really good camera bezel.

The rubber sides of the case don’t fit the phone snuggly as a result they flap open slightly and/or get stuck on the raised buttons along the side of the phone. Drives me nuts.

Excellent case, great feeling
I bought this case in the whiskey colour and absolutely love it! It was a little slippery to hold at first but after a week I could feel it getting slightly more grippier, now it’s 3 weeks in and still every week I feel it getting more grippy along with a very light patina so far. The aluminum buttons feel very upscale.

The Keyway leather cases are beautiful and feel great in the hand except the leather feels a bit to thin and slick. I think it should also be a tighter fit although it does make it easy to get in and out. The buttons are a bit too stiff especially the power button.

It was nice but scratch to easy

Case is great, shipping not so much

I like the case so far, good grip and can use it with MagSafe chargers and stands without any issues. Color is a little more brown then the photos make it out, but I like it. It does smell pretty strongly of cow / leather (which is expected), but beware of that if you're sensitive, especially as it will transfer to your hands while holding it. The smell started fading away a bit after a couple of weeks.

However, shipping was pretty bad. Took 4 business days to ship out and a total of 10 to arrive. Honestly, next time I'll be very tempted to order an (inferior) product from Amazon because I'll get it the next day and not have to worry about scratching my brand new phone for a couple of weeks. There were no options for expedited shipping nor estimate of shipping time on the order page. I live in Washington state so it's not like it had to ship overseas or to Hawaii.

Please consider MagSafe wallets as a product category (particularly something that can hold 4-5 cards while staying tiny / flush against the case - no need for fancy finger loops or stand features, just a minimalist but usable wallet that attaches securely to a MagSafe case).

Great case!!

Very happy with my case. Beautiful leather that only gets better with use.

This is the third time I’ve purchased this same cover for every phone that I have upgraded. On this phone, the plastic for the right side button of the phone is defective. It does not lineup where the button is and I am constantly fighting to take the cover off in order to click the button.
It’s a shame, because I love the look and feel of this cover

IPhone 14 plus case

Excellent product, I really like the feel and the quality of the product.

Great product and material.