Keyway Customer Reviews

Keyway Customer Reviews

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Best leather cases hands down!

I’ve tried just about every single leather case on the market and ended up sending them all back until I came across Keyway. These are the best leather cases available in my opinion. I’ve ordered two now and the fitment, camera protection, and screen edge protection are second to none. The leather is also very high quality and patinas beautifully. I’ll never buy another brand of leather cases again I’ve found my favorite 🔥

Alium Case: A Classy Masterpiece of Wood and Gold - A Perfect 5 Stars

I absolutely love the Alium case! It's a stunning fusion of two different wood types, and the gold trim adds a touch of elegance that I adore. The build quality is top-notch, giving it a secure and premium feel. It's undoubtedly one of the classiest and most handsome cases I've ever owned. A solid 5 out of 5 stars for this gem! ⭐

Classy Rift Samsung Case with Great Customer Service - 4 Stars

I purchased the Rift Samsung case, and it's undeniably a beautiful blend of leather, rubber, and wood. However, I noticed some wear on the leather/rubber where I usually grip it, which is a bit disappointing. But here's the silver lining - their customer service is top-notch and promptly arranged a replacement for me. Overall, it's one of the classiest cases I've ever owned, and I'm quite pleased with it. 4 stars!


My third Keyway iPhone cover and they're still great! Durable, easy to grip, and I always get good comments when I take out my phone for a few pictures.

Model K1 - iPhone 6/6S
Kathryn Tramm
Amazing Quality

I don't usually write reviews, but I really wanted to comment on this phone case. I've used this same case since 2017, and after 6 whole years it finally broke. This is coming from someone who drops their phone all the time too. I am pleasantly surprised it lasted this long which is why I came right back to order the same case! Amazing durability and craftsmanship.

My favorite leather case

Out of all the leather cases I’ve tried this is definitely the nicest. Highly recommend


Absolutly love Keyway design’s phone cases. They’re juste incredible%21%21%21

Atlas phone case

This case went above my expectations, the detail that it has is amazing. I will definitely be getting any other case from here.

Sanctuary - iPhone 11
Best case ever!

Great quality, sturdy, beautiful design. Love it!

Great phone case!

My last one outlasted my phone and looked great the whole time. Just wishing they had one to fit my new phone.

Expedition - iPhone 14 Pro

Howl - Galaxy Note 10+
Tiago Bettencourt
Great quality and seems durable!

Had this case for a little over a month, and it seems very durable. From day one, I could tell it was great quality. Yes, it's a little more expensive and I could have bought a cheaper made in China case for $20, but this one is made in Canada by a small business, and definitely a great one at that. There was a little confusion with shipping, never had anything arrive at almost 10pm, but besides that this casa is a great buy! Wish they made cases for other brand phones because I would definitely buy again. Also, I really like the grips on the side. They help me grip my phone better, and the buttons on the side are a little hard to press, but over time I got used to them and now don't seem like a problem anymore. Fixing the buttons would just make the case almost perfect. Highly recommend! And, I rarely, if ever, give such strong reviews like this one.

Great case! Mag safe is nice!

Really good case! Good leather! Mag safe is nice. Not bulky

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One & Only - Wood and Resin Case - #01546
wood & resin one of a kind

This is my 3rd case I get with them. I get sooo many compliments on every case.

Also, they have great customer service!


beautiful and great quality

Stunningly well crafted case!

This is the by far the best iPhone case I've ever had. I can already tell this case is the real deal and I'm excited to watch it patina like real leather should. The quality of construction is extremely high too, every millimeter of it is perfect.

I usually go with the Apple Leather cases, but in the past few years they've lowered the quality by using extremely thin & painted "leather" that doesn't patina correctly and shows small paint chips after a while.

A few nitpicks but definitely not deal breakers:

1. The smell is a bit synthetic, I suspect it is from the foam in the tin box it comes in. I'm hoping this will gas off and the true leather smell will begin to come through.

2. It would be nice to see the X mark in black anodized aluminum to match the buttons ,so there is no worry of the paint chipping off like I've seen in some other review photos. This is not a big deal though as the photo I saw actually looked kind of cool with the patina now being darker than the exposed silver X mark, kind of a slow reversal of the color scheme over time.

Overall this is by far my favorite iPhone case since I started using cases back in 2010. It's honestly surprising that Keyway doesn't seam to even specialize in full leather cases.

Great job Canucks!

Ascent - iPhone 13 Pro
Brandon Shrock

Fits well, looks awesome, is quality

Great case

This case is excellent! I've been looking for a full-grain leather MagSafe case and this is one of the best out there especially given the price (most of the competitors price theirs at $70+ USD). The leather feels smooth and soft and I can see that it is slowly developing a patina over time. The metal buttons are great however I do wish they were slightly more tactile or "clicky". As a fellow Canadian it's also cool to see that this company is based in Canada.

Off-Road - iPhone 14
Darla Harvey
Love this case

Purchased the Jeep case and love it. I have gotten many compliments on it.


Looks good but Too small to use unless you’re doing shots would not recommend this product

Walnut Rift - Galaxy S23
Colette Cameron
Great case!

My son loves the contrast of wood with leather. Would definitely buy from here again!

Verona - Galaxy S21
Chase Revak

Verona - Galaxy S21


I’ve had this case for about 3 years and it is still holding up. It’s been through a lot and still I’m decent condition, it’s worth the money

Best phone case

I’ve had this phone case for over a year now. I love it, fantastic job at protecting my phone. Nobody has a case like it. Will buy another soon