Full Leather Case - Slate - iPhone 14 Plus

This premium Full Grain Leather iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe case features a fully wrapped slate grey design with metal accents, a microfiber lining, and the Keyway X-Mark. The oil-tan leather will develop a beautiful patina over time as you carry it along on all your travels. Just like a Keyway case, you were Built to Roam.

Learn about the Keyway X-Mark.

Case Features:

  • Full Grain Leather Wrap-Around protection
  • Raised Metal Camera Ring
  • Independent Metal Buttons
  • Metal X-Mark
  • Integrated MagSafe Magnets
  • Wireless Charging Compatible
  • Microfiber Liner
  • Internal Button Protectors
  • Reusable Tin Box Packaging
  • New Keyway X-Mark Sticker Set

Break-in Period:

As these cases are made with real full-grain leather, they can often go through a short break-in period over the first few days of use. The inside of the case will conform to the sharp edges of the phone and the microfibre button pads will mold to your phone's buttons, improving the 'clickiness'.

Designed in Canada by Keyway.

This case is made with natural materials which means every piece is unique. Grain, Colour, and Texture may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Even better than the Apple Leather cases of yore.

John Smith
Full Leather Case - Slate

I ordered my case about a month ago & it arrived swiftly. At first I was a touch nervous, the case is less gray than the photos let on, but as I’ve used it, it’s tanned very nicely. Something else that the ohotos don’t show super well is over time the metal parts will slowly weather as well. I don’t mind, I do enjoy it, but it is something to be aware of. I’d definitely recommend this product

Almost perfect

Color and finish quality are all amazing. Where i feel this lacks is texture. It does not hold up to its previous apple counterpart for material feel and texture.