Time Trial Puzzle - No.4x36A

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This set is a little different than the Impossible Puzzle, this one is all about time! Each box comes with 4 sets of 6x6 (36pc) puzzles in 4 different neon colours. The idea is to race your friends and family to complete the puzzle as fast as possible. It looks easy... but just wait until the pressure is on!

Play with 4 people and take 1 puzzle each or for an extra challenge play with only 2 people and take 2 puzzles each to solve at the same time. Good luck!

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of puzzles, we cannot accept returns if the box has been opened. The puzzle pieces are a little under 1"x1" and could present a choking hazard, keep out of reach of small children.

Version: No.4x36A

Here's the deal:

  • This is a race against the clock!
  • It's 4 sets of 36 piece puzzles.
  • Each puzzle is a 6x6 square.
  • Don't force anything together, the correct pieces fit together easily.
  • Pieces can be flipped over.
  • Race against your friends and family.
  • Buckle up.

Materials & Production:

  • 4 colours of Neon Glossy acrylic
  • Precision Laser-cut
  • Made in Toronto, ON, Canada by Keyway Designs Inc.

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Time Trial Puzzle - 5 Stars!
Lot's of entertainment with Family and Friends