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Shark Chevron, Wenge - Parker Barrow - iPhone 7/8 Plus

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This Parker Barrow Collaboration wood case features a brushed silver Shark Chevron inlaid in a Wenge backing.

Our cases are created using hand finished wood, laser cut metallic inlays, and a thin rubberized shell.

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Hand-crafted in Toronto.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good product

Great quality and design, would buy another one.

Great! Not perfect

Love the case and the design and quality of superb. It's thinner than expected but I have dropped my phone a few times pretty far and it's been fine. The back has accumulated a couple of scratches that are minor and barely visible after a month. The only negative feedback I have is that the back is not flush and it looks like it has a bump which annoys me as I often leave my phone face down to hide the screen. Unimpressed with that, as it looks like it wasn't glued down properly and no matter how hard I push down that bump won't go away. Great case otherwise. It's put up with a lot in the month I've had it.

Love this case!!

I've received many compliments on my case. I love the way it is designed and the grips on the side of the case! I will purchase again for future phones.

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