Restore - Galaxy Note 10

This unique wood Galaxy Note 10 case features an interpretation of the old Japanese art of Kintsugi. Also known as Kintsukuroi, the technique involves repairing broken pottery with lacquer and gold. The idea is that of embracing flaws and imperfections and considering them part of the items story.

Our cases are created using hand finished wood, laser cut inlays, and a Flexible Rubber shell.

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Shell Features:

  • 1.3 mm Flexible Rubber, Full wrap-around protection
  • Slim, Protects from bumps and tumbles
  • Face down protection, Covered Buttons

Hand-crafted in Toronto.

We work with natural materials which means every piece is unique. Grain, Colour, and Texture may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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Customer Reviews

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A very attractive case

I really love the look of this case. It’s very elegant and the gold accents match the iPhone 12 Pro Max well. It’s light comfortable to hold.

I knock a star off purely for two things, which I feel are easily addressed with a slight design change. Firstly, the buttons are so minimal along the sides that it’s often difficult to know if your finger is on the button before you press it. Secondly, there is a smooth chamfered edge along the back, where the wood meets the case. This actually makes the case harder to hold, as this smooth edge lacks any grip, and totally negated the pleasant feel of the newer iPhone 12 design. Replacing this with the same style edge that runs along the front would majorly improve the feel and grip.

If this design is ever changed, I would love to know, as I would happily buy an updated version of this case for the aesthetics alone.

Iphone 12 pro "restore"

Absolutely love the phone case.
Fits perfectly, looks amazing.
Feels great in hand. Definitely worth the buy. Also very high quality.


Restore - Galaxy S20+

Beautiful case

I’m in love with it and get so many compliments.

Best bday present!

Got this as a 40th bday present for my husband & he loves it!! Thank you- super classy & well-made.