Bear Mountain

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This collaboration case for the Galaxy S20 FE was designed by the very talented Canadian Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Anthony Wallace. Bear Mountain subtly brings together the landscape of the forest and the mountains with the wildlife that lives there.

You can learn more about Anthony and his work on his Instagram or by visiting his website:

The woods featured in this design are Wenge, Sapele, Cherry, Maple, and White-Painted Walnut.

Our cases are created using hand finished wood, laser cut inlays, and a Flexible Rubber shell.

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Shell Features:

  • 1.3 mm Flexible Rubber, Full wrap-around protection
  • Slim, Protects from bumps and tumbles
  • Face down protection, Covered Buttons

Hand-crafted in Toronto.

We work with natural materials which means every piece is unique. Grain, Colour, and Texture may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Customer Reviews

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Great quality, great fit. My last one lasted 5 years with very minimal wear.

Michael S.
Reply to unfortunately no MagSafe since you won’t let me reply to the review.

I’ve been asking for 2 years. Your continued excuses for abandoning your repeat customers are wearing thin.

I’ve personally redirected many from keyway as a backward company that refuses to keep up with the technology they pretend to work with.

You keep treating repeat customers (3 different phone generations for my whole family — until you started to ignore current technology) this way and we won’t have to divert sales to your competitors for much longer.

The real question should be, why would the company have made any iPhone cases without MagSafe for iPhones that had MagSafe? That is an admission that keyway intentionally fails to support current tech. A tech company that intentionally falls behind doesn’t have much future.

Evolve or die.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the feedback! I can certainly expand on these concerns for you. The lack of ability to respond to reviews is not intentional, it's just not a feature that is available on the Judge.Me platform. It only supports a single response from the brand but you are certainly welcome to email us to discuss anything further.

Back when the iPhone 13 series was brand new, we were considering offering the MagSafe as an add-on option for our cases but there wasn't as much demand at the time. As MagSafe accessories and cases became the norm and the iPhone 14 and 15 Series were launched, our cases began to include MagSafe as a default. In this sort of business with many, many SKU's, once you adopt a new standard, the decision to push that standard backwards through your catalog is one that requires a lot of thought! Every time a new iPhone series is launched, it typically takes up about 70-80% of new sales, and the remainder falls to all the legacy models. At the current time, the entire iPhone 13 series (Regular, Mini, Pro, Pro Max) added together only make up about 8% of our total sales. Opening 4 new overmolded TPU/PC injection molds is very expensive. So, since each i13 phone only brings in 2% of our sales, the business decision to only move forward was made.

I hope that helps shed a little more light on the situation! If you'd like to talk about it any further please reach out!

Best Regards,

Kyle - Keyway

Love love love

My husband absolutely loved his new cover ! Thank you.

Unfortunately, no MagSafe.

The cases are great for what they are. Unfortunately, they just haven’t released several of their best cases in MagSafe which severely curtails their usefulness in 2024. I had the bear mountain case on three phones in a row. They refuse to release a MagSafe version. I was hoping if I waited long enough they would, but I’ve been checking since the iPhone 13 was released. Keyway seems stuck in the past, which is unfortunate for a technology accessory company.

I ended up having to replace my entire family’s cases with a different company’s cases because our car phone holders require MagSafe.

Somehow, I doubt a less than positive review will be posted. At least I’ll find out how ethical the company is. Behind the curve is bad enough.

Hello, thank you for your past orders and for your feedback about this case! I appreciate the frustration with some of our older models not being fully transitioned over to the MagSafe option. Since we began upgrading our cases to include the magnet ring, the changes have been rolling through our catalog as the original versions sold out (You can see the difference in the price between the non-magsafe options). The iPhone 14 series and iPhone 15 series were switched right off the bat, but the iPhone 13 had been launched before the change, so it switched design-by-design. Since every new iPhone launch moves a large portion of our sales over to the new model, the changes for the iPhone 13 move slower. We hope to have you back with a new iPhone launch in the future as they will be launched right away with the MagSafe option!

Mathieu Courchesne

Absolutly love Keyway design’s phone cases. They’re juste incredible%21%21%21