At Keyway, we love to work with natural materials. Part of working with these types of materials is understanding their natural variation, and sharing that understanding with our customers. We strive to make sure that every customer is 100% satisfied with the product they receive. The first step towards that goal is ensuring that you understand exactly what you will be getting when you order a product from Keyway. 

So before you order, please browse through the following images which display all of the woods that we use in our designs. Gather an understanding for the woods and their differences, so that when you receive your product, you can fall in love with your one-of-a-kind case!

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee a specific tone or grain pattern for your individual unit. Each Keyway product is 100% unique!



Grows primarily in select parts of Africa. Wenge heartwood is dark brown with uniform black streaks. Upon finishing the wood can become nearly black. Grain pattern is generally straight and uniform. Wenge’s colour does not change greatly over time, and remains relatively similar in appearance from piece to piece.


Found in Central and Tropical west Africa. Padauk heartwood can range from pale pinkish orange to deep brownish red. Most Padauk will appear more orange when freshly cut, and darken substantially over time to a deeper reddish brown. Grain pattern is usually straight, and does not vary much from piece to piece. Colour remains relatively uniform from piece to piece.


Grows mainly in Eastern North America. Heartwood ranges from light pinkish brown when fresh, to a deeper golden brown with time and exposure to light. Like Maple, the grain pattern varies from straight to wavy but remains visibly similar from piece to piece. Tone remains relatively consistent from piece to piece.


Found primarily in Northeastern North America. Colour ranges from nearly white to an off-cream tone. Sometimes the wood exhibits a reddish or golden brown hue. Grain varies from straight to wavy, but remains visibly similar from piece to piece. Tone also remains fairly consistence across multiple pieces.