Shipping FAQ

Find your Zone on the map and refer to the chart below:

Shipping Times and Fees by Zone:

Keyway Shipping Standards

ALL PRICES are shown in Canadian Dollars, CAD

* Shipping windows are shown in BUSINESS DAYS and are estimates and subject to change without notice based on our collected shipping data

** Shipping can occasionally take up to 40 days for certain areas of Mexico and Brazil

Shipping FAQ

How long will it take to ship out my order?
Due to the nature of the product and our promise of quality, once the order has been received it will be shipped out within 2-3 days. This marks the beginning of the shipping window shown above.
What company do you ship with?
Origin Shipping Company
Canada Canada Post
United States USPS
International  Globegistics
Once the package arrives in the country of destination, it will transition over to the local postal service (ex. USPS).
Why is my shipment going to take ____ business days to arrive?
When a package moves from our warehouse in Toronto to your destination, it will change hands many times as it crosses borders, goes through sorting processes, and gets inspected. The times provided above are based off of Canada Post estimates combined with historical data that we have collected from our shipments. The time windows are large for some zones because different countries have very different postal services and border delays.
Can you send me a tracking number?
Yes, you will be provided a tracking number in your "Shipping Confirmation" email. 
My shipment has taken longer than ____ business days to arrive, what do I do now?
The times listed above are still estimates because every country in the world is a little different. We understand that no one likes waiting for shipments; if the package has gone past the window by 5 business days, please email and we will work out a solution for you!
Will my shipment have any additional charges on it when it arrives?
Depending on your location, yes possibly. Taxes, Duties, and customs charges may be applied to your package as it arrives in the country of destination. This amount is not controlled by us, but since we properly declare the package, it may acquire an extra charge along the way.
I got my shipping confirmation, and I noticed that I entered my address incorrectly, what do I do now?
If you have received a shipping notification, then the package has already left our warehouse and the address details can't be changed. At this point, you can contact for details on how to take advantage of the Keyway Replacement Program, for a 50% discount off a replacement case.