Wood & Aluminum Card Holder - Walnut

Card Holder - Walnut

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The days of thick wallets have come and gone. Most people actually only use a few of the cards that they carry around, and with the rise of tap-to-pay and Apple Pay, cash is going by the wayside as well. This card holder is your transition into the thin wallet life... Welcome.

At only 9mm, this slim 6-card holder is finished on both sides with Walnut veneer. Beneath the wood are the anodized aluminum body panels which provide strength the block RFID transmissions to keep your cards safe.

The real magic is hidden away in the base of the wallet. Slide the bottom-trigger to the side and watch your cards fan-out for easy access!

  • Wood - Real Wood veneer with a highly durable finish
  • Aluminum - Blocks RFID transmission, black anodized
  • Cards - Holds 7 flat cards (Gift/Loyalty cards etc...), 5 embossed cards (Credit/Bank cards), or a mix of 6

Customer Reviews

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Elegant and protective

Love this case! It looks elegant, got many compliments and it protects it well. I like the serrated sides which provides a good grip especially during snapping a photo. 


I was hoping this was incorporated into the phone case. I rarely carry a purse. I carry my phone with cards in a pocket on the back. Any chance you will be doing a case with card holder capabilities? I do Apple Pay as much as possible so I get the no card needed. A drivers license is a must carry.

Works well

This product functions well as it is advertised. A suggestion that would improve this product is to have a money clip on one side.

Thanks for the feedback Mitchell! We're in the process of creating another version with a clip as we speak! :)
Great Purchase

This card holder is cool, works perfectly, and keeps everything compact and secure.

Card holder

Awesome. Love it