Howl - Galaxy S21+

This premium wood Galaxy S21+ case showcases the power of our UV printer with a high-contrast print of a wolf howling over a stark full moon behind a black forest! The 'overprinted' technique brings the case to life and really makes the design pop!

Our cases are created using high-resolution UV Printing, hand finished wood, laser cut inlays, and a Flexible Rubber shell.

Shell Features:

  • 1.3 mm Flexible Rubber, Full wrap-around protection
  • Slim, Protects from bumps and tumbles
  • Face down protection, Covered Buttons

Hand-crafted in Toronto.

We work with natural materials which means every piece is unique. Grain, Colour, and Texture may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Robert Guertin
Howl for S21

Perfect fit

Emily Dixon

I love my case. It is very durable and sturdy. I love my new case and I would one hundred percent recommend everyone order a case from them

Howl - IPhone X Max

This case is amazing. I thought because it was so thin it wouldn’t protect my phone very well but it really has. I drop it A LOT and my screen is fine and the back of the phone is fine.

Darcy H
Howl- iPhone 7/8

Best phone case ever

I like it, but...

Just three things:

1. The case is ultra thin, which for some might be an advantage, but for me I'm wonder exactly how much protection it'll actually provide.

2. The design looks great on the website, and it looks okay in real life. But the colour of the wood is too dark to let the trees behind the wolf and moon to really pop out. I have to strain my eyes just to see the trees.

3. The side buttons are really hard to press now. I don't know if it'll get easier with time, and the rubber gets worn with age it might make the buttons easier to press.