Alium - Galaxy S22

This premium wood Galaxy S22 case features a simple, elegant division of Walnut and Wenge with a Gold Trim.

Our cases are created using hand finished wood, laser cut inlays, and a Flexible Rubber shell.

Shell Features:

  • 1.3 mm Flexible Rubber, Full wrap-around protection
  • Slim, Protects from bumps and tumbles
  • Face down protection, Covered Buttons

Hand-crafted in Toronto.

We work with natural materials which means every piece is unique. Grain, Colour, and Texture may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Exactly what I was looking for!

This one caught my eye because of the two tone look to it, and it definitely shows in person. Something I didn't expect was that it was super thin, which is really appreciated with a big phone like the S22 Ultra. Even though it's so thin, the rubber gives me confidence that in can survive a fall without damaging the phone inside.

The case has coarse sides that allow me to hold it without worrying about it slipping, and the buttons feel natural and rigid with the case on. Another thing about the design I liked is that it has a small lip on the top and bottom of the front screen. The screen is still protected, but unlike my last phone case, the lip is small enough that it doesn't interfere with gesture controls that need the very bottom of the screen. Due to the fact that the case is thin on the back, wireless charging and power share works incredibly well, as if there wasn't a case on the phone.

One last thing I want to mention is this design, Alium, specifically. It's really cool to see the case in certain lighting as the golden line reflects more than the wood does, making it more eye catching in person. In my opinion, the design here is 10/10, and it's exactly what I've been looking for.

Andrew Borror
Exactly what you want

Slim, protective, looks good, perfect.

Jessica McKay
Beautiful, high-quality case!

I bought this case because I was immediately captivated by the sleek lines, contrast and detail. It is even more stunning in person! I am also impressed by the slim yet protective profile. This case wins in every aspect!

Christian Mumpower

I simply love my new case. It’s sleek and sexy with the wenge and walnut wood mix, and utilitarian with the “grippy” bits on the side and easily depress-able volume and power buttons. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a case with some style, but also one that can get the job done when it comes to ease of use and protecting your phone.

Great case

I love the designs of your cases. This is my 3rd case, two camera cases and now this one. It looks fantastic. It replaces a crappy big name case that was a pain to turn off the phone. This one? No problem.