Packaging Design Showcase

We get quite a few looks for our packaging design, so we thought that we would outline some of the design details for those who have not seen the box in person! Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with Product designs and new editions! @KeywayDesigns

First and foremost, the front. Our lid is made of a fogged acrylic sheet, laser engraved, and equipped with slider rails along the side that mesh perfectly with the surrounding box walls. We would like to thank the guys over at Luigi Sardo Footwear for helping us out with the design process and contributing to the final lid design!

The inserts that hold the Keyway BackBoard in place are made up of a few laser cut layers of a paper and foam material. These layers keep everything rigid but lightweight.

Finally, the body of the box is made from a matte-black acrylic, with Dado-style corners keeping everything together. Our company information is laser engraved into the lower portion.

If you have been with us for a while on Facebook, you will have seen the gradual progression of our packing design. It has taken quite some time and a lot of prototypes but we are very happy with where the packaging design has come to rest for now. Our Thanks goes out to minds behind Luigi Sardo footwear for helping up reach our finalized design. Go check out the awesome new gear they are launching right now! --> Luigi Sardo Facebook

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