The Legendary Kraken

The Legendary Kraken

We are proud of all our products and we are continuously coming up with new designs to protect your phone and your style. Though, in our large catalogue, there are a few cases that have become legendary in their own right. One of these is amongst our most popular; The Kraken 2.0. We often get asked why we decided to feature this particular creature in not one, but two, or our designs. Well, the simple answer is because the Kraken is awesome… but it’s also because it comes with a long and epic history.


The History of the Kraken

It is thought that the story of the Kraken originated from 12th century myths out of Norway. The Kraken was known as a terrifying squid/octopus-like sea monster of gigantic proportions (by some accounts over a mile long). It was large enough to pull an entire sailing ship under the water with its huge tentacles.

What’s even more interesting is that in certain books, like Systema Naturae written in 1735, the Kraken is listed a real creature. These days, accounts are often written-off as modern day giant squid sightings, but these accounts make you wonder what the sailors really saw!


Stories of the Kraken

Tales have been passed down from generation to generation about the Kraken. Many paint the picture of the giant squid-like monsters rising up from the deep and reaching it’s long arms all the way up to the tops of the ships masts, engulfing the entire ship. The Kraken, wrapping itself around the ship until it capsized, would then drag the remains down into the dark depths of the sea. The crew would be swallowed up by the creature or left to drown.

These stories have been around since ancient times with many examples coming out of Greek Mythology. In one story, the Greek king Odysseus is said to have sailed past a giant sea monster with six heads while on a voyage. Another account written about in 1555 describes an enormous black sea monster with long horns and huge eyes. These stories often give the creature different names but are very similar in their descriptions.


The Birth of the Kraken.

The name “Kraken” was first printed in the book mentioned above, Systema Naturae, in 1735. Throughout the 1700’s there were tales being written about these creatures and all of the destruction they caused. In 1752, a “History of Norway” was written and described the Kraken as the largest and most terrifying sea monster in the entire world. Some of the earliest records of the Kraken were extremely detailed in their descriptions of its shape and size with notes like “starfish type protuberances” talking about its long pointed arms. It’s been said that early sailors who were unfortunate enough to stumble upon the Kraken would mistake the massive creature for an island! Legend has it that the beast was so large that being sucked into the whirlpool left behind from its plummet into the sea was one of the greatest dangers to sailors.

Though, finding a Kraken was not without its benefits. Early Norwegian sailors were said to fish over-top of the Kraken, despite the dangers, because the fish were attracted to it and it helped them bring in a bigger catch. Would you risk sailing over a sea monster for a few more fish?

While we will never know the truth about the Kraken described in all these tales, they do make for great story telling. Whether these accounts are actually just misunderstood squid, or there truly is a mythical beast roaming the dark depths of the ocean, one thing we know for sure is that it makes a killer phone case and we can’t keep them in stock! Be sure to check them out, grab one for yourself, and ‘Release the Kraken’!

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