Humble Beginnings

Fall 2011 / It was a fun day when we begin prepping a 80 square foot garage for the delivery of our laser cutter. It wasn't the prettiest sight, but these are our humble beginnings (you've got to start somewhere, right?) The space was so small that we had to disassemble our main work table every night to make room for a car in the garage. Oh, how times have changed!

Preparing for the laser cutters arrival.

Our work-space consisted of a 60W laser cutter, a 12" drum sander, a computer, a collapsible work table, and a shop-vac. That's it, that's what got us started.

Long nights at Keyway

Despite the small space and limited tools, there had been so much prep work and planning to get this machine installed that we actually had our first prototypes cut and prepped within 24 hours of delivery; we were excited to say the least! Despite using a shop-vac and a homemade charcoal filter for fume extraction from the laser, we forged ahead and starting pumping out our very first product, "BackBoards", for the iPhone 4. 

Keyway Backboards

We continued producing BackBoards for about 6-8 months before expanding our product line and moving into the "Virga" case, but that's another story!


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