Onyx - iPhone 6/6S

This Limited Edition leather iPhone case is the rarest case that we have released to date! The case features a unique, highly textured, black leather surrounding a Rosegold version of our popular Sugar Skull design. We found a few small pieces of this material in a leather warehouse a few years ago, and only recently perfected the process to be able to use it. The workers at the warehouse had never see this type of leather before, and recommended picking it up because we would likely never see it again. We have enough leather to make a few small batches, and then this design will most likely be shelved forever. You won't be seeing anyone else around with a case like this!

Only 10 cases have been released at this time. Each case is individually serialized.

Our cases are created using hand finished wood, laser cut inlays, and a Flexible Rubber shell.

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Shell Features:

  • 1.3 mm Flexible Rubber, Full wrap-around protection
  • Slim, Protects from bumps and tumbles
  • Covered Buttons

Hand-crafted in Toronto.

We work with natural materials which means every piece is unique. Grain, Colour, and Texture may vary slightly from piece to piece.