The BackBoards

The first product developed by Keyway was a real wood replacement back for the iPhone 4 and 4S. This back was installed by removing the glass from the back of the iPhone and replacing it with our aftermarket assembly. The product did well, but the type of person that was comfortable taking their iPhone apart was a very niche market. Despite the limited market, working on the BackBoard allowed us to begin developing all the techniques that we would later need to create the intricate designs that we have now. Check out some of the production processes below:

BackBoard Assembly parts

Keyway Backboard Cutting

Keyway BackBoard Assembly

Once we were comfortable with the basic manufacturing processes for the plain wood backs, it wasn't long before we wanted to expand into more complicated designs. Between engravings, inlays, and new materials we were able to create some really unique custom pieces.

Wenge wood iPhone Cover , BackBoard

Polish Eagle, Custom Wood iPhone Back, Maple and Jobillo

Custom Review wood iPhone Back

Padauk wood iPhone Back Cover

Custom "Don't Panic" iPhone 4 BackBoard

Custom TXBRAD review unit of the iPhone 4S BackBoard