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Northern Philosophy was created by 18 year old twin sisters, Abigail and Danielle Maravilla. Initially a design company working on projects for friends, family, and others local to Toronto, the duo had decided to rebrand themselves with something bold; and so, Northern Philosophy was created. By launching Northern Philosophy, they have fulfilled their goal of capturing Northern pride by building unity amongst Canadians through unique designs, all while representing a message of self-empowerment and iconology.

Self-taught graphic design artists, Abigail and Danielle Maravilla, create original designs with the philosophy of making simple yet complex works of art that captivate Northern spirit.

Northern Philosophy’s most popular “District” logo can be seen on hats worn by a few hundreds of people around the GTA. Their goal is to eventually become a house brand nationwide and develop more designs that are synonymous to all Canadians, no matter where they come from.


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